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 South African Brangus farmers Rian and Gerda Van Wyk farm in Mpumalanga near Panbult, between Ermelo and Piet Retief. Along with their cash crops, maize, soy beans and potatoes, they grow some timber and run a herd of commercial cows with their well known Brangus herd of black and red cows.

The conditions are harsh with sour grass and a lot of tick bourne diseases. Poisonous tulips are common and the herd is well adapted in the area. Rian, a third generation cattle farmer started farming with Brangus in 1986 when he introduced his first bulls from Elandspruit and Ben Oosthuize to the cross-bred cow herd.

  • The Brangus cattle outperformed his other cattle and convinced him to start his own stud in 2003.
  •  Using the best BRANGUS bulls and semen quickly improved the herd to a well known brand.
  •  Several national champions were bred.
  •  Bulls are sold to local breeders as well as Swaziland and Mozambique cattlemen.
  •  The stud also received the award for National Junior Breeder.
  •  Rian has been serving as a board member for the last seven years.  
The Van Wyk family believe in raising good cattle, crops and kids, making good friends and honouring God whilst doing it.

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